About US


Bold City Battalion stands tall as a premier youth hockey organization in Florida, USA, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of hockey stars. Founded on the principle of holistic development, we offer a range of programs tailored to players of every caliber, from novices to elite competitors. With top-tier coaching, cutting-edge facilities, and a curriculum honed for success, we empower our athletes to excel both on and off the ice. Join us in the pursuit of greatness at Bold City Battalion.


At Bold City Battalion, our mission is clear: to offer young athletes a transformative hockey experience that transcends the ice. Grounded in values of excellence, integrity, and sportsmanship, we provide a nurturing environment where personal and athletic growth go hand in hand. With a steadfast commitment to player development, we offer top-tier coaching, cutting-edge facilities, and tailored programs to unlock each athlete’s full potential. Beyond the game, we cultivate character, camaraderie, and lifelong friendships, instilling values of teamwork, discipline, and perseverance. As ambassadors for the sport, we’re not just shaping hockey players; we’re shaping leaders prepared for success in all aspects of life. Join us at Bold City Battalion and embark on a journey of growth, achievement, and endless possibilities.


At Bold City Battalion, our vision extends far beyond the confines of the ice rink. We aspire to cultivate a culture of victory, not just in competition, but in every facet of our athletes’ lives. As an organization, we are dedicated to nurturing young men who are not only skilled athletes but also resilient, adaptable, and ready to take on any challenge.

Fielding teams in both the USPHL Premier and Elite Divisions, we provide a platform for players to progress through the ranks as they grow in age and skill. Our Tier 3 Junior Hockey teams engage in fierce competition, challenging themselves against top-tier opponents in regional and national tournaments across the USA.

However, our mission goes beyond winning games. At Bold City Battalion, we prioritize the holistic development of our players, emphasizing values like sportsmanship, teamwork, discipline, and leadership. Through community engagement initiatives, volunteer opportunities, and educational resources, we aim to equip our athletes with the essential life skills they need to thrive both on and off the ice.

With a proud tradition of excellence and a deep-rooted commitment to fostering a love for the game, Bold City Battalion stands as a beacon of inspiration in the youth hockey community. We are more than a team; we are a family, dedicated to empowering the next generation of hockey players to pursue their dreams and realize their full potential.


Join Bold City Battalion and unlock your potential on and off the ice. As a part of our family, you’ll experience more than just hockey; you’ll cultivate lifelong friendships, develop essential life skills, and embrace a winning mindset. Together, we’ll conquer challenges, chase dreams, and write our own success story. Dare to be bold, join Bold City Battalion today!